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Start Your Own Ad Network With Clone Script

Start Your Own Ad Network With Clone Script

Exitlinks was designed as a Linkbucks clone but it also works great as a clone too

There are now many url shortener sites that allow you to setup your own ad network. There are also now quite a few link shorteners that allow you to earn from shortening links.

Have you ever though of running your own clone script?

It is really not that difficult to do and to summarise the necessary steps to starting a successful Linkbucks clone site or clone I have listed down these steps.

1. Purchase the Exitlinks software script from ScriptDorks, this is what you need to run a clone.
2. Get a domain name and hosting, I recommend Thexyz or Driond.
3. Install the software in your server. ScriptDorks can even do this for you.
4. Brand the site with your logo and setup some social networks like Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.
5. Do some SEO or offline promoting of your site ti get some members. You can also promote your site in forums and blogs too.
6. Get some paying advertisers, this can be tricky but as long as you have a niche and know what type of visitors your site gets, you should not have much trouble.
7. You can then set your rates for how you pay for 1000 visitors and how much you sell impressions per 1000 and what you are left with is your profit.

It is quite easy to run a Adf.fl clone site and there is some room in the market for niche type sites. You can also use the ad space to promote your own site if you wish and setup your own short url. With Exitlinks you get the power and choice to run your link shortener how you want to. Get started today!

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I acquired ScriptDorks in 2012 which grew into a popular software development company. Over the years better software became available and all ScriptDorks' projects, such as Exitlinks and Alpha-Bids are now open source. I now add reviews on various third party software scripts I come across through my work at Thexyz.

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  1. Hermine

    Yesterday i spent 300 bucks for a url shortener, i like this one more and it is less $$$