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Setting up your own URL shortener

Setting up your own URL shortener

If you own a website or blog, one of your main goals is to attract more traffic to your website. This can be done in a number of ways and there is a helpful post of Thexyz that will discuss some of these most effective methods. 8J4K3RVP6PD7

There are also today many social media techniques that can be used. The Exitlinks software script by ScriptDorks is a great was to assist in building a sustainable social media campaign as well as tracking.

You may notice that many big tech companies have an additional shortened domain to complement the main domain. I have seen companies use shorter domains by implementing country code TLD’s.

You can then install the Exitlinks software for use on the shorter domain, and operate your own URL shortener. Another benefit of using the Exitlinks software is the banner ad or html area that be placed above the page of the shortened link. This could take up as little or as much of the page as you wish. It is also fully customizable.

You can then shorten links from other sites masked by your own domain and with a banner ad directing the user to your website. A tried and tested way to increase traffic to your site as well as maximise your social media efforts.

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I acquired ScriptDorks in 2012 which grew into a popular software development company. Over the years better software became available and all ScriptDorks' projects, such as Exitlinks and Alpha-Bids are now open source. I now add reviews on various third party software scripts I come across through my work at Thexyz.