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Raiser’s Edge NXT

Raiser’s Edge NXTScore 32%Score 32%

Outdated and obsolete

Raiser’s Edge NXT is a dated CRM from the 90s and no longer built for today’s innovative and fast-paced teams. Some prettied-up NXT screens layered on old technology don’t cut it. You deserve software truly built from the ground up on the latest technology to help you raise more money. Your team struggles with a clunky system and needs access from anywhere, at any time, regardless of the device they are using.

With Raiser’s Edge NXT you are limited by functionality and integration

You’re not able to search, segment, or target your audience easily (whether by location, donation history, or member behavior). Integration is also very limiting leaving much work to be manually entered.

The world of reporting has changed significantly in the decades since your software was originally designed. Your organization is driven by metrics, and leadership wants analysis and insight regularly. thankQ CRM’s dashboards can be shared both internally and with board members. You’ll be amazed at how the drill down reports can quickly give you insight into donor behavior. Why settle for just ‘ok’ when you can have beautiful, easy-to-create outputs, reports, and visualizations that are also easy to maintain?



You are limited by functionality and integration