ScriptDorks was established in England in 2009 and has grown into a talented cooperative community of software developers from around the globe all sharing one common mandate, we are exceptionally passionate about php programming.

Through our partnerships with various security software companies, we have overcome many challenges that continue to stifle the growth of our competitors.

Dorks are people too

Just like you we have played around with many different software applications and software scripts and understand what the end user expects and how the developer creates such apps. By amalgamating these two unique talents we offer our unique and valuable talents of providing efficient and unbiased web based solutions for you.

Our products and services to designed and customised to suit you, the user, and we continue to grow and develop our scripts to ensure we remain on top of an increasingly competitive industry.

It is through building trusted relationships with our partners and customers that we continue to grow.

How can I get involved?

Were always happy to invite new users to get involved with ScriptDorks and want to ensure you do participate in a way that suits you. Below you will see some ways you can participate as a…


Our affiliate program is free to join and allows you to earn up to 50% commissions which is often over $50 per sale. There is a 30 day cookie and many banners and resources to help you promote us to your network.

Articles and Blogs

If you have something worthy of publishing on our blog that is relevant to what our users are looking for the feel free to submit it for publication. Once you have signed up you can get in touch with an admin to increase your permissions to “Publisher” level, (see permission levels here). With this level of membership you can submit blogs that if approved will be published on our site.

We are currently looking for articles in the following fields:

  • Web hosting
  • Php programming
  • Web software development
  • Coding and computer linguistics
  • Programming languages

Our Development Team

ScriptDorks is cooperative company that selects developers to participate by inviting them to be a shareholder in exchange for programming development. We have kept the process of joining our team as straight forward as possible whilst keeping the core values of existing team in tact. If you are interested or feel you have something of real value that you can be to the table we would love to hear from you.

Reseller Program

We are also working on rolling out a reseller program that would allow certain users to purchase an additional licence to resell selected versions of our software. This is going to complement our existing and highly effective affiliate program.

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